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Aaron Holcomb

Aaron Holcomb

Aaron Holcomb is the editor and primary journalist for the Coon Rapids Gazette. Aaron focuses on current local news.

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Amelia Hanson

Amelia Hanson

Amelia Hanson has experience in both traditional and new media. Amelia brings a unique perspective to every story she covers. From in-depth features to breaking news, she has the skills and experience to deliver top-quality journalism

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Vivian Gross

Vivian Gross is a journalist for Coon Radis Gazette. Vivian focuses on current financial news.

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Kerri Melendez

Kerri Melendez is a journalist for Coon Rapids Gazette. Kerri specializes in writing articles related to business, and current events.

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Mara Stevens

Mara Stevens is a journalist for Coon Rapids Gazette. Mara specializes in writing stories regarding community and public relations.

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